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Everyone in the world from small African tribes to little Dutch farm girls will want their own domain name. Current figures show that some 40,000 names a day are registered, and that number is growing. The hard part is finding your own domain name, or any name for that matter that isn't 10, 20, 30 or more characters long, it's nearly impossible to get a short domain name. Heck, it is impossible to get an English word, or any combination under 5 characters. But everyday, people sit on the various registrar sites, try as they might to find a new name, just to find that every domain they search for is already taken.  

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EVERY WEEK thousands of domain names are added back to the available pool. So a domain you searched for last week may be available this week. Do you have any idea how good these domain names can be. Imagine, single English dictionary words do become available. 

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